The Legend of Luke: A Tale from Redwall

By Brian Jacques

During this 12th ebook of the masterful Redwall epic, storyteller Brian Jacques is going again in time to the times prior to Redwall, revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the 1st of the superb Redwall warriors--Luke, father of Martin.

Joined by means of Trimp the Hedgehog, Dinny Foremole, and Gonff--the ever-mischievous Prince of Mousethieves--it is that legend Martin hopes to find while he embarks on a dangerous trip to the northland shore, the place his father deserted him as a toddler. There, in the carcass of an excellent purple ship--broken in part and wedged excessive up among pillars of stone--he ultimately uncovers what he has been looking for: the genuine tale of the evil pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, and the valiant warrior who pursued him relentlessly over the excessive seas, looking to damage Vilu in any respect expenses, whether it intended deserting his in basic terms son.

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