The Divide

By Elizabeth Kay

A certain and funny myth that weaves a solid of eccentric and captivating characters into a big experience story.

When Felix's mom and dad take him to "The Divide"--a spot in Costa Rica the place the waters that run all the way down to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans separate--Felix reveals himself in a weird and wonderful parallel international the place legendary creatures and magic are a reality.
There, he meets Betony, a tangle baby and herbalist who turns into his buddy during this unusual land. As Felix explores this new international he quickly discovers that its legendary beasts and fairy folks imagine Felix is a mythical creature who makes use of functional technology rather than magic! Will Felix ever locate his long ago home...and will he wish to?

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You get loads of spells going mistaken the following, don’t you? ” “Doesn’t technology make errors, then? ” Felix remembered the opening within the ozone layer, the Chernobyl catastrophe, medicinal drugs with unforeseen uncomfortable side effects. “Yes,” he stated, “you’re correct. technology does make error too. ” His brain moved directly to cloning. “These sinistroms – are all of them exact? ” “No. Their age is determined by the quantity of time they’ve spent out in their pebble. a few of them are countless numbers of years previous, and others are only childrens. They’re intended to obey whoever has rubbed their stone and summoned them. yet there are tales of sinistroms who've… um… interpreted this particularly loosely. The smart ones. ” Betony felt proud of herself. It was once a really grown-up means of expressing it. “You stated they could swap themselves into lickits. What’s a lickit? ” “They’re now not shadow-beasts, they’re like us, yet they constantly put on white they usually focus on cooking. Magical cooking, you recognize? chocolates that flip your hair eco-friendly for so long as you suck them. ” Felix couldn’t discover a parallel right here both. “And a diggeluck? ” “They put on gray, and so they dig for gold. they prefer being underground. ” “Gnomes,” Felix determined. “Tell me a piece extra approximately vampreys. ” “Will you please switch the topic? ” stated Snowdrift. “You’re elevating the hairs on my mane. ” “Ssh,” stated Chalky. “Look. What’s that, over there? ” Felix peered into the gloom of the encircling crops, after which he observed it – a flash of pink. The pink moved a bit approach to the left, and he stuck a glimpse of an attractive iridescent blue. “I imagine it’s a flame-bird,” acknowledged Chalky. “How strange. They don’t frequently choose low branches – they dwell correct up close to the pinnacle of the cover, simply because they prefer the solar. It’s no longer making a song, both. ” “Even a flame-bird doesn’t sing all of the time,” stated Betony. They left the trail, and moved nearer. after they have been quite a few yards away Felix may see that the chicken was once maintaining whatever in its beak and its head used to be nodding, as if it have been discovering it tricky to stick conscious. without warning it misplaced its grip at the department altogether, and tumbled to the floor. Betony slid off Chalky’s again, ran over and crouched down beside it. “It is a flame-bird,” she whispered. “I imagine it’s unwell. Oh, the negative factor. It’s been amassing spices to construct its funeral pyre. ” She picked it up, and cradled it in her fingers. I’m a phoenix, proposal Felix. How outstanding. Snowdrift trotted over and sniffed it. The flame-bird opened its eyes and croaked, “Greetings, brittlehorn. ” Its beak used to be cracked, and the interior of its mouth was once crimson and uncooked. “I can see you’re in serious trouble, sister,” stated Snowdrift. “Unless you could acquire your entire spices and construct your nest, you won't be reborn. will we aid? ” “Please,” whispered the flame-bird. “I understand the ingredients,” acknowledged Snowdrift. “Rest, little sister, and we are going to have your nest prepared by way of sunrise. Lay her down at the flooring, Betony, within the coloration. ” Betony did as she used to be advised, yet she was once taking a look very considerate. “Have you taken whatever in your cracked beak?

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