Silver: Return to Treasure Island

By Andrew Motion

A rip-roaring sequel to Treasure Island—Robert Louis Stevenson’s liked classic—about younger buddies and their high-seas experience with harmful pirates and long-lost treasure.
it truly is nearly 40 years after the occasions of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island:  Jim Hawkins now runs an lodge known as the Hispaniola at the English coast together with his son, Jim, and lengthy John Silver has back to England to stay in obscurity together with his daughter, Natty. Their lives are quiet and unremarkable; their adventures have doubtless ended.
      yet for Jim and Natty, the journey is simply starting. One evening, Natty techniques younger Jim with a proposition: go back to Treasure Island and locate the rest treasure that their fathers left at the back of such a lot of years ahead of. As Jim and Natty set sail of their fathers' footsteps, they fast examine that this trip are usually not easy.  instantly, they arrive up opposed to murderous pirates, long-held grudges, and greed and deception lurking in each nook. And after they arrive on Treasure Island, they locate bad scenes looking ahead to them—difficulties which require all their wit in addition to their courage.  Nor does the journey finish there, seeing that they need to sail homeward again...
      Andrew Motion’s sequel—rollicking, heartfelt, and completely brilliant—would make Robert Louis Stevenson proud.

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The silver! The silver! ” stated part a dozen voices jointly. “They’ll wish the silver! ” Smirke acknowledged not anything to this, which back allowed Natty to do a little imagining. She observed a lot nodding of heads, and fearful rubbing of fingers, and squaring of jaws, because the pirates reminded each other that not anything mattered extra to them than their treasure. “So there we've it, shipmates,” Smirke endured ultimately. “A query. What we'd name a di-lem-ma. ” He spoke the note trippingly, as though it have been whatever too scorching to swallow. “And this di-lem-ma is: will we desire the lad Nat to aid us remedy our trouble? Or is he simply … in our means? ” even supposing those final 3 phrases have been slowly drawn out, additionally they produced a squall of voices, which confirmed that, so far as the bulk have been involved, the query had already been replied and the challenge solved. “Show him the sword! ” they clamored; “Make him into red meat! ”; “Hang him with a rope! ”; “Squeeze out his eyes! ”—and different gleeful cruelties that got here with this sort of wild clattering of toes the full cabin shook. while this fusillade had died away there has been additional pause earlier than Smirke spoke back. “Very good, lads,” he stated, with a shocking loftiness, as if to remind them he was once their captain. “I’m obliged to you. I’ll take your recommendation less than consideration—indeed I shall. I’ll do my contemplating, and I’ll digest these kind of issues that you’ve given me to bite upon, and I’ll render you my verdict in my very own reliable time. ” extra mumbling this, emerging into one other ragged crescendo whilst the 3rd voice (the voice Natty didn't realize) requested, “Why no longer make him a hostage? We’ll have his buddies the place we'd like them, if now we have their lovely boy to alternate. ” there has been a pause, then a giggle. “Course, if that’s an excessive amount of difficulty shall we simply string him up now and be performed with him. We’ll take care of his occasion likewise, once they show—we’ll—” yet there has been no likelihood for Natty to listen to what new violence may be proposed, given that simply as this voice started warming to its subject, Smirke interrupted. there has been not one of the dignity he had tried a second before—only a flash of anger. “I’ve informed you, Noser,” he snapped, “I’ll haven't any mutiny from you. no longer from any of you shipmates. I’m your captain, and you’ll do my bidding. And my bidding is: wait whereas I think of. keep in mind that? ” Natty pictured him evident round, his broad mouth half-open like a cod. This outburst appeared to quench the pirates’ urge for food for extra talk—and to verify that he reckoned the talk used to be entire, Smirke now smacked his fingers jointly and gave a decisive “Very good! ” A turbulent silence settled contained in the cabin—if it may be referred to as silence whilst males are dragging off to living room on their beds, and complaining concerning the temperature, and berating each other, and quarreling a few bottle stumbled on underneath a desk. honestly this sound-show used to be typical in all its info, but it gave Natty such an impact of brute stupidity, she started to worry Smirke was once likely to kill her for leisure than the other cause.

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