Salamandastron (Redwall, Book 5)

By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The population of Redwall sit back within the haze of summer-but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged by means of the evil weasel military of Ferhago the murderer. Worse nonetheless, Mara, liked daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the fireplace Mountain, is in bad threat. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and younger Samkin embarks on an experience that leads him to Mara. Can the great creatures overcome the villainous murderer?

Illustrated via Gary Chalk

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Yon riverdog is Thrugg, the wee mousey is Dumble. they discovered me wi’ mah wing brokit an’ mounted it up. Ah can be flying back quickly. ’ Laird Mactalon inspected the dressing on his son’s wing, then proffered a talon to the otter. ‘Ah’m beholden to ye, Thrugg. Mah son will be grateful he met sich bonny first rate creatures as ye an’ yer wee good friend there. We’ll speak a few mair later. take a seat ye down whereas Ah deal wi’ yonder bunch o’ disgraceful birds. ’ Now the cawing and dancing had elevated to fever pitch and the bolder crows have been starting to hop in the direction of the streambed. Laird Mactalon and his clan-birds broke conceal. They stood in a line at the banktop and threw again their heads. ‘Kreeeekah, tak’ nae prisoners, provide nae zone, kreeekah! ’ as though by way of magic, the crows fell silent and ceased dancing. Laird Mactalon and his falcons all started jogging towards them with a distinct warlike swagger, chests puffed and neckfeathers unfold vast, their talons crunching the lifeless bracken as they went. front crows hopped backwards. Mactalon threw out his daring problem and walked ahead by myself sooner than the others. ‘Och, come on, laddies. We’re no a babbie mouse and a wounded younger un, or an earthbound riverdog. See if ye can do any higher opposed to us. Ah’m the Laird Mactalon, besides ye recognize. Ah’ll do conflict wi’ ye on land or within the air. Dinnae preserve retreatin’. Whit’s the problem? without doubt you’re no’ frighted? ’ for all time he was once conversing, Mactalon were advancing. With the rate of a whipcrack he all of sudden hurled himself into the crows. within the mêlée that undefined, 4 crows have been stretched out via the lethal beak and raking talons of the Laird. the opposite crows took to the air in an ungainly flurry. They have been met through the 5 falcon warriors, who hit them like thunderbolts. child Dumble was once wide awake. He sat on Thrugg’s shoulders, wide-eyed as crows fell from the sky like tattered scraps of darkish textile. ultimately the crows made it again to the protection of the pine thicket. They crouched one of the bushes because the six falcons rotated in a warlike aerial reveal. among the streambed and the bushes, crows useless and injured littered the floor like discarded rags. Thrugg and Dumble cheered wildly, yet Rocangus perched miserably at the haversack, muttering away. ‘Ach, ’tis a tragic factor tae be stuckit right here at the floor, through mah eggshell it's. Missin’ oot on a scrap the like o’ that! ’ touchdown again within the streambed along with his extended family participants, the Laird gotten smaller and dilated his titanic golden-flecked eyes as he preened his wing feathers delicately. ‘Ah wisht ye may fly, Thrugg. Battlin’ within the skies is a grand factor, convinced sufficient. Och, the wee Dumble is conscious an’ all. How are ye, bairn? ’ Dumble provided his paw. ‘Please ter meetcha, mista. ’ the remainder of the evening they spent sound asleep within the aromatic heather that grew alongside the some distance streambank, competently surrounded by means of the six falcons. subsequent morning they have been on their manner back, hiking northeast. Thrugg raised his head and observed the snowcapped mountains far flung, pushing their peaks up on the excessive blue summer season skies.

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