Ramage's Signal (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 11)

By Dudley Pope

The Calypso and her captain, Lord Nicholas Ramage, enterprise extra into the French-dominated waters of the Mediterranean on an Admiralty undertaking to sink, burn, and spoil. Aiming to confuse and distract the enemy, Ramage and his males locate themselves remoted and outnumbered as they tackle the may of Napoleon's fleet.

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He issued the uniforms,” he further, “so it’s hardly ever unbelievable his personal is the single excellent healthy. ” unexpectedly Ramage heard Jackson hailing from the pinnacle of the tower. “Captain, sir! Captain, sir! ” Ramage, understanding the restrictions of his personal voice, nodded to Rennick, who bellowed: “The Captain is right here, on the guardhouse. ” “Signal coming from Aspet, sir. ” “Very good. ” Ramage appeared in the direction of the corporal. “Your males are a credits. Don’t overlook although, if somebody arrives, no conversing, and blow the whistle for Mr Orsini. ” With that Ramage moved quickly over to the tower, noting that Rennick and the sergeant have been heading for one of many huts, possibly to accommodate the unlucky corporal whose flint refused to spark. by means of now the sunlight used to be good above the horizon, bringing heat with it and placing new energy into the bugs that have been commencing to buzz in regards to the yellow flecks of flower one of the gorse timber. Feeling he wanted the workout, Ramage climbed the ladder, even though he did it at a velocity which made it transparent to any onlooker that the Captain was once easily hiking the ladder to get to the pinnacle of the platform, to not display how topmen may still pass up the ratlines donning breeches. Paolo, eye glued to the telescope on its stand, and geared toward Aspet, used to be calling out letters of the alphabet which Jackson was once writing down on a slate. Ramage seemed over the American’s shoulder and observed it was once a sign from Barcelona to Toulon. “That’s all,” Paolo acknowledged speedily, “now dip the flag two times after which they could doze off back over there, chuffed within the wisdom we now have the sign. ” “I ask yourself the place that sign spent the night,” Ramage mirrored. “It started out from Barcelona in huge sunlight the day before today, for convinced, however it was once benighted earlier than it travelled very a ways. It can’t have travelled via basically or 3 stations at the present time. ” “Probably behind schedule through rain, sir,” Jackson provided, “especially if you happen to keep in mind how the thunderstorms roll down the part of the Pyrenees. Cuts visibility to a couple yards. ” Paolo took the slate from Jackson and held it out for Ramage to complete studying. Then he requested: “Do we go it on, sir? ” Ramage shook his head. “No, placed it within the log and upload a translation. ” “The fools can have trumped your ace, sir,” he stated sympathetically. “One can by no means belief the Spanish. ” The sign whilst translated stated comfortably: “Convoy now fifteen ships refuses watch for escort and sails the following day. ” evidently “tomorrow” intended at the present time, since it was once now merely part prior 8 within the morning. Ramage knew that just one query wanted a solution now: could the Spanish (and most likely French) merchantmen have left Barcelona sooner than his faked order arrived telling them to make for Foix? so much British convoys Ramage had ever seen—admittedly huge West Indian ones, frequently comprising a couple of hundred ships—took all day to get out of the harbour and infrequently the entire subsequent day to shape up safely. With Aitken, Southwick and Kenton on board the Calypso Ramage might spend the day on the semaphore station, even supposing except giving an instantaneous resolution to any questions pertaining to signs there appeared little else for him to do, and he loved the ambience of the maquis.

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