Leviathan Rising: Roman (Pax Britannia) (German Edition)

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LEVIATHAN emerging - Band 2 der rasanten Action-Thrillerserie um den eloquenten britischen Geheimdienst-Abenteurer Ulysses Quicksilver!

Er erhebt sich aus der Tiefe... und er hat Hunger!

In eighty Tagen um die Welt - mit Stil! Dieses vollmundige Versprechen der Carcharodon transport corporation soll mit der Jungfernfahrt des neuesten und mehr als beeindruckenden Unterwasserkreuzfahrtschiffs Neptune auf die Probe gestellt werden.
Unter den Reisenden befindet sich auch Ulysses Quicksilver, der Dandy-Abenteurer und Held von Magna Britannia, um sich eine wohlverdiente Ruhepause nach den traumatischen Erlebnissen des a hundred and sixty. Thronjubiläums von Queen Victoria zu gönnen.
Doch bereits wenige Tage nach dem Besuch der Unterwasserstadt Pacifica kommt es zur Katastrophe. Ein brutaler Mord wird begangen, und kurz darauf wird die Neptune Opfer einer Sabotage, welche das Schiff in die bodenlose Tiefe des Meeres sinken lässt. Doch gefangen auf dem Meeresgrund, haben die Probleme für die Überlebenden gerade erst begonnen. Denn hier unten lauert ein jahrzehntealtes Geheimnis auf sie.
Der Leviathan ist erwacht und erhebt sich hungrig aus der Tiefe. Wenn er sich auf die Jagd begibt, wird niemand seiner urzeitlichen Wut entkommen …

Dieses booklet enthält auch die spannende Kurzgeschichte VANISHING aspect, die einen Ausblick auf Band three gewährt! Diese Kurzgeschichte ist keine Leseprobe, sondern ein eigenständiges Werk, welches sich in die Bände einreiht.

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Ulysses spotted that 4 had abstained from giving an opinion: Selby, Swann, Clements, and the taciturn Harry Cheng. what is your video game? he came across himself brooding about as he regarded upon the narrow-eyed Chinaman. "So the plan is still the same," the captain acknowledged indignantly, his tone slightly hiding the truth that he believed that they had performed not anything greater than waste necessary time via even having this kind of valueless debate. "We take the subs out to the bottom. " "Agreed," Ulysses stated, "although omit Pennyroyal raised a very good aspect. " "I-I did? " The younger girl sounded as stunned as someone at this revelation. "Indeed. every thing we've seen up to now concerning the beast means that it really is actively looking us, so we will nonetheless be taking an enormous probability - in all likelihood too enormous a possibility when you inquire from me - if we try whatever greater than the shortest trip. once we blow the strain gate it is going to be directly to us. " "Damn it, Quicksilver, i did not have you ever down for a paranoid bugger! " significant Horsley gasped, making his personal little retaliation opposed to all those that had pooh-poohed his thought. "I've by no means heard such garbage! " "Paranoia is it, significant? " "He might be correct, Marmaduke," girl Denning stated. Ulysses could not support being a bit shocked at listening to the biologist converse up in his defence, opposed to the main. "Go on," Carcharodon acknowledged, without notice ready to hear all and each reasoned opinion if it will get them - or quite him - out of this mess. "If we'll keep away from turning into simply one other direction at the menu on the Calamari's Revenge, what we'd like is a distraction. " "To supply us a head commence, you mean," leader Engineer Selby acknowledged, a smile forming on his pug-face to check that now being sported by means of the dandy adventurer. "Indeed. " The grin unfold wider throughout Selby's face, revealing crooked nubs of enamel. "Leave it to me! " bankruptcy FIFTEEN The Abyss It did not appear that vital a question to Ulysses which of the 2 submersibles the person escapees should still board, however it seemed that Jonah Carcharodon was once seizing the chance to get well a few of his flagging self-confidence. Having been so helpless - nay, lifeless to the purpose of being an utter nuisance - in the course of their flight throughout the wrecked liner, he looked as if it would believe the necessity to justify his lifestyles back, and so had positioned himself in command of workforce choice. Ulysses questioned if, as a baby, the younger Jonah had consistently been the single left to final while others have been deciding on groups at the rugger box. "McCormack, i would like you on board the Ahab with me. " "Yes, sir. " The captain sounded weary of his employer's angle yet wasn't approximately to do something disloyal and problem him now. "I wish Selby too. one of many others can guy the helm of the Nemo. " "Yes, sir. Mr Wates, if you happen to will be so variety as to determine the Nemo out. " "Yes, captain. " "And Mr Swann, for those who might decide on him, to supply technical help? " "Aye aye, cap'n," the extra gangly of the 2 final engineers stated, trying what Ulysses took to be a wise salute. "Mr Quicksilver, in case you and your manservant may possibly sign up for them on board the Nemo then i'd comprehend that every group had not less than one individual on board who knew what they have been doing, simply in case we by some means develop into separated.

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