Rifts Mercops

By Pat Nowak, Carmen Bellaire

Rifts Merc Ops

More from the imaginations of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire, proposing criminals, desperados and fugitives sought after via the CS and different experts, every one a chance for experience and action.

Highlights Include:

Weapons, apparatus galore, together with goods from Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Northern Gun, and Magefire.
Villains and rogue mercenary companies.
Tolkeen fugitives and the falsely accused.
NPC villains and adventures galore.
Written via Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire.
Cover by means of John Zeleznik. inside paintings through Williams, Okamura, and Drunken type Studio.
160 pages, Cat. No. 865.

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In a Wicked Age

By D. Vincent Baker

During this depraved age...

...Gods, demons and mortals take care of each other for power...

...Law and civilization are new, and not anyone is their master...

...A uncomplicated midwife can set in movement the downfall of tyrants and nice empires...

...Your delivery isn't yours to decide on, yet your destiny is what you are making it.

In a depraved Age
sword & sorcery roleplaying


Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in such a lot cutting edge Game
Combines the hoariest of old-school traditions -- the random come across -- with the final word in story-building.

Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in video game of the Year
Influential, intuitive and evocative, In a depraved Age... places the existence again into myth position play. Eschewing heavy environment for punchy events new release, the sport additionally re-defines the relationships among the characters and the gamers. Over shadowed by way of the catchiness of the Oracles, prolonged play of the sport has the capability to create tale with the complexity of novelistic or epic structure.

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Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law

By Coleman Charlton, John W. Curtis III, Peter C. Fenlon Jr., Erik Dewey

Rolemaster fable Roleplaying is a really versatile and complete RPG-system from Iron Crown companies: http://ironcrown.com
This torrent includes Spell legislation; personality Law
From the web site:
Character legislations expands the RMFRP personality improvement technique through delivering a wealth of recent strategies and choices:

11 extra Races & Cultures
11 extra Professions
21 extra education Packages
5 extra ability different types & Dozens of extra Skills
A whole, distinctive approach for utilizing heritage ideas to figure out your character’s skills, flaws, prestige, wealth, and beginning goods.

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Earthdawn Player's Companion (Flaming Cobra)

By Carsten Damm, James Flowers

EARTHDAWN 3rd variation sooner than technology, ahead of historical past, an period of magic existed in our world's dim previous. Magic flowed freely, touching each point of the lives of fellows and ladies of the Namegiver races. It was once an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and legendary tales. It was once the Age of Legend. The Earthdawn Player's spouse offers principles for advancing characters a long way past the bounds set within the Earthdawn rulebook: increasing the prevailing Disciplines to 15th Circle; providing new abilities and spells; and offering ideas for increasing characters' use of thread magic. The Player's better half additionally offers ideas for taking part in questors and Lightbearers, principles for send wrestle, and instructions for developing new Disciplines and creatures.

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The '00s (Designers & Dragons, Volume 4)

By Shannon Appelcline

Every little thing YOU’VE desired to learn about THE ORIGINS OF ROLEPLAYING GAMES...

Designers & Dragons: The ’00s is a complete photograph of the recent resurgence of the RPG undefined. the ultimate and so much up to date e-book in a 4 quantity sequence, we’ve extra tens of millions of recent phrases and insider details to this quantity on my own. Take an inside of examine d20 businesses, watch the expansion of recent titans like Paizo Publishing, and know about the expansion of indie presses like Evil Hat Productions. despite your gaming history, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched background won’t disappoint.

In this quantity, you’ll find:

  • A foreword by way of Lisa Stevens, founding father of Paizo Publishing
  • Profiles for twenty-five 2000s gaming businesses together with Paizo Publishing, eco-friendly Ronin, Mongoose Publishing, and yes—Evil Hat
  • The within scoop in the back of video games like Pathfinder, Freeport, destiny, and GUMSHOE
  • Ten stuff you would possibly not find out about roleplaying within the ’00s
  • An wide bibliography and index
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    Xenology: Notes and Research from the Alien Bestiary of Biegel (Warhammer 40, 000)

    By Simon Spurrier

    This historical past booklet is an Inquisition research into the various alien threat that threatens the Imperium. In a far-flung study station on Biegel nine, a renegade inquisitor has accrued jointly a set of extraterrestrial beings from around the galaxy and is retaining them alive to check. whilst a rival inquisitor is distributed to enquire his heretical menagerie, he uncovers many stuff top left undiscovered. With beautiful heritage info on the entire major alien races of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and a few new discoveries in addition, it truly is packed with extraordinary new paintings, together with distinct dissections of the topics investigated. darkish secrets and techniques are printed, not just concerning the attention-grabbing creatures less than scrutiny, but additionally the operating of the shadowy Ordo Xenos itself. This e-book is a needs to for any enthusiasts of extraterrestrial beings and the Warhammer 40,000.

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    The '70s (Designers & Dragons, Volume 1)

    By Shannon Appelcline

    Every thing YOU’VE desired to learn about THE ORIGINS OF ROLEPLAYING GAMES...

    Designers & Dragons: The ’70s is a entire photograph of the beginnings of the RPG undefined. This moment variation expands the unique unmarried publication right into a sequence of 4, and we’ve extra over 50,000 new phrases to this quantity by myself. find out about the colourful background of TSR and the wave of D&D encouraged video games (and gaming businesses) to stick with, and dip your feet into wargaming trivialities. despite your gaming historical past, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched heritage won’t disappoint.

    In this quantity, you’ll find:

  • A foreword through Greg Stafford, writer of Glorantha and writer of King Arthur Pendragon
  • Profiles for 13 Nineteen Seventies gaming businesses together with TSR, GDW, and Chaosium
  • The inside of scoop in the back of video games like D&D, visitor, and The delusion Trip
  • Ten belongings you would possibly not find out about roleplaying within the ’70s
  • An vast bibliography and index
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    Isengard and Northern Gondor (MERP ICE #2800)

    By Christian Gehman

    Comprises full-color zone map of NORTHERN GONDOR, full-color cutaway view and ground plan of ORTHANC, 2 entire urban plans, complete description of SARUMAN, herb lists and political intrigue, HELM'S DEEP & a lot more.

    The fort of Isengard used to be outfitted by way of the Númenórians in a sheltered valley on the southern limits of the Misty Mountains. Its major objective was once to shield the distance of Calenardhon and the Fords of Isen opposed to assaults by way of Sauron's forces. Self-sufficient and enchanted, it later turned the just about impregnable fort of Saruman the White. No spire in Middle-earth was once superior, store the darkish Tower of Mordor.

    ISENGARD and northerly Gondor includes:

    - eight FULL-COLOR PAGES: a 2-page local map, maps of Calmirië (Aldburg) and Dunlostir , plus four pages at the Tower of Orthanc
    - significant LAYOUTS: The Underground degrees of Orthanc, The access Passage, and The Hornburg
    - THE castle OF ISENGARD: one of many maximum architectural creations in all of Middle-earth
    - different population OF THE zone: The Calenardhrons, The Dunlendings, and the Drúedain

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    Dungeon World

    By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

    Mod be aware: This edition's paintings is in black-and-white, in preference to the colorized variation stumbled on the following: https://bibliotik.org/torrents/265161

    Both variations are retail caliber, and they're allowed to co-exist (not dupes).

    Combining high-action dungeon crawling with state-of-the-art ideas, Dungeon international is a roleplaying online game of myth event. You and your mates will discover a land of magic and possibility within the roles of adventurers trying to find status, gold, and glory.

    Dungeon World’s ideas are effortless to benefit and consistently force the motion ahead in unforeseen methods. A overlooked roll is rarely a useless end—failure introduces new complexities and issues. existence as an adventurer is tough and hazardous yet it’s by no means boring!

    Designed to be prepared so that you can hack, remix, and construct new content material, Dungeon global contains platforms for altering every little thing to fit your team together with growing new races, periods, and monsters.

    To play, you’ll desire this rulebook, 3–5 gamers, a few polyhedral cube, and 2–4 hours.

    Explore fable experience roleplaying in a complete new means with Dungeon international!

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    Ananasi: Changing Breed Book 7 (Werewolf: The Apocalypse)

    To Create a brand new global The previous One needs to be Destroyed! forged as monsters, villains and rogues, the novas of the Teragen are hated through venture Utopia, vilified through the media, and worshipped by means of misfits, outcasts and rebels in all places. Led via the strong and charismatic Divis Mal, the Teragen search to create a brand new Eden for the Quantum born. yet there will be no salvation with no sacrifice. as soon as the Teragen bargains with the delicate and not worthy baselines, a daring new civilization of novas will blossom of their position. Aberrant: Teragen comprises the background of the move Utopia likes to hate, and the deviant personalities that force it. It’s additionally brimming with new powers, together with the unusual thoughts utilized by Terats to accommodate Taint. Are you nova adequate for the secrets and techniques during this ebook?

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