Building to Suit the Climate: A Handbook

By Gerhard Hausladen, Petra Liedl, Michael Saldanha

In destiny, constructions that make experience from a bioclimatic point of view are usually not the exception; planners will easily be anticipated to layout them. With its wealth of proof, this booklet serves as a concrete reduction to making plans and layout. With the making plans technique as its roadmap, it accompanies the planner from the fundamental overview level via notion and implementation making plans the entire method to construction operation. The building-related features of a number of the climatic zones shape the root for the made-to-measure improvement of built-in construction ideas. Well-conceived pix illustrate making plans contexts and facilitate effective making plans judgements and life like predimensioning. fabrics, structures, and applied sciences are defined, and their components of program are mentioned. Reference parameters, bills, and the presentation of interrelationships equip the planner to make a strategic and well-informed choice.

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