Brothers in Arms (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures)

By Lois McMaster Bujold

If his enemies could simply go away him on my own, Miles Vorkosigan (alias Admiral Naismith) determined bitterly, the Dendarii unfastened Mercenary Fleet could cave in all by itself. yet his enemies have been plotting a extra lethal fall.

For a few unexplained cause the Dendarii payroll is lacking and the orders from the Barrayaran Imperial Command are being not on time via Miles's enhanced, Captain Galeni. What connects the impeccable unbearable Captain Galeni and the Komarran insurgent expatriates in the world besides? however the most threatening query of all sooner than Miles is extra own: are Miles's identities, Admiral Naismith of the Dendarii and Lieutenant Lord Vorkosigan of Barrayar, splitting aside alongside the traces of his divided loyalties? And who's attempting to assassinate which model of him?

while Miles unravels the solutions, then the problems relatively begin.

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Oh, i am not with them. they are, um . . . employed killers. " A simply description, finally. "Don't fear, they are not once you. have you ever known as the police but? " She shook her head mutely. "I recommend you achieve this instantly. Ah–have you noticeable me sooner than? " She nodded. "Which approach did i'm going? " She cringed again, in actual fact terrorized at being cornered by way of a psychotic. Miles unfold his arms in silent apology, and made for the door. "Call the police! " he referred to as again over his shoulder. The feint beep of comconsole keys being pressed drifted down the hall after him. Mark used to be nowhere in this point. The raise tube grav box had now been grew to become off through an individual; the car defense bar was once prolonged around the establishing and the purple glow of the caution gentle crammed the hall. Miles caught his head carefully into the elevate tube, to secret agent one other head at the point less than having a look up; he jerked his head again as a nerve disruptor crackled. A balcony ran correct round the outdoors of the tower. Miles slipped throughout the door on the seaward finish of the hall and regarded round, and up. just one extra ground above. Its balcony was once with no trouble available via the toss of a grappler. Miles grimaced, pulled out his spool, and made the toss; bought an organization hook round the railing above at the first test. A swallow, a short heart-stopping hang over the tower, dyke, and growling sea 40 meters less than, and he was once clambering onto the subsequent balcony. He tiptoed to the glass doorway and checked down the hall. Mark was once crouched, silhouetted via the purple mild, close to the doorway to the elevate tube, stunner drawn. The–unconscious, Miles trusted–form of a guy in tech coveralls lay sprawled at the hall ground. "Mark? " Miles referred to as softly, and jerked again. Mark snapped round and enable off a stunner burst in his course. Miles positioned his again opposed to the wall and known as, "Cooperate with me, and i'm going to get you out of this alive. Where's Ivan? " This reminder that Mark nonetheless held a trump card had the predicted calming impression. He didn't fireplace back. "Get me out of this and i'm going to let you know the place he is," he countered. Miles grinned into the darkness. "All correct. i am coming in. " He slipped around the door and joined his photograph, pausing purely to ascertain for a pulse within the neck of the sprawled guy. He had one, fortunately. "How are you going to get me out of this? " demanded Mark. "Well, now, that is the tough part," Miles admitted. He paused to pay attention closely. a person used to be at the ladder within the raise tube, attempting to climb quietly; no longer close to their point but. "The police are on their manner, and after they arrive I anticipate the Barrayarans will decamp in a rush. they may not are looking to be stuck in an embarrassing interplanetary incident which the ambassador must clarify to the neighborhood specialists. This night's operation is already means uncontrolled in that any one observed 'em in any respect. Destang can have their blood at the carpet within the morning. " "The police? " Mark's grip tightened on his stunner; competing fears struggled for ascendancy in his face. "Yes. lets try to play cover and search during this tower until the police eventually get right here– each time.

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